Meet the Advisors 


jessicaJessica Kongthong
Health Beat Coordinator and Pre-Health Advisor      

Adele Savage
HMP3 Coordinator and Pre-Health Advisor


Mark Carolino
Pre-Health Advisor      


Career Peer Educators (CPEP)    

Our Career Peer Educator Program (CPEP) thoroughly trains UC San Diego undergraduate peers to advise pre-health students. 

Why seek advising from a CPEP?

Because peers are just like you and have insight on the process of exploring, preparing, and applying to the health professions. They can identify with the stress and anxiety that accompanies being a pre-health student and they can offer advice on topics such as which lab to take, which professor is great, and what other courses might help with their entrance exam (i.e. MCAT, DAT, PCAT, OAT, GRE, etc.). 

Peer advising is offered M-F from 10am-3pm for quick 10-minute drop-in appointments. If you are a freshmen or sophomore or are new to pre-health, this would be the best first step!

Meet our Health Beat CPEP's.