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Winter 2018

Dental School Pre-Req Course List

SPOT (speech, pysical and occupational therapy) Volunteer Opportunities 

Pre-Med Post-Bac Comparison Grid

Think you need more preparation prior to applying to medical school? Check out our comparison of some common post-bacs in California. Factors to consider: cost, length of study, support, MCAT prep and more.

Pharmacy Pre-Requisite Guide

Thank you to Pre-Pharmacy Society for this useful guide.

PA Pre-Requisite Database

Thank you to PPASO (PA Student org) for keeping this list up-to-date!

2018 Summer Opportunities

Looking for something to do this summer? Maximize your time by getting involved! Check out the latest experiential opportunities now!

2016-2017 Medical School Applicants & Acceptances

Want to know where our pre-meds APPLY and where they get ACCEPTED?

Fall 2017

Pre-Health Advising by Medical Students (PAMS)

Beginning November 6, 2017 PAMS will be offering advising for all of our pre-meds! Please take advantage of this opportunity to gain insight into what it's like to prepare, apply, and get accepted into medical school!

2017-18 Triton Career Guide "Find Your True North"

Find information on career readiness, timelines for medical school, applying your strengths, best practices for resume, cover letter, interviewing, negotiating and much much more!

 Spring 2017

this week

Check out UC San Diego's publication "this Week" and its feature on Health Beat!