Our campus partners have been an inavaluable part of Health Beat's development since its inception. It is because of our collaboration with pre-health departmental stakeholders as well as pre-health student representatives that we are able have the greatest reach and impact. This collaboration has been instrumental in developing a robust, pre-health advising program and network at UC San Diego. We are incredibly grateful for the insight and support that our partners provide and we look forward to our continued partnership!

Health and Medical Professions Preparation Program (HMP3)


Our primary partnership with HMP3 has been an integral part of Health Beat's success. HMP3 is the largest pre-health student organization on campus and has many outstanding programs such as Med Talks, the Health Professions Mentor Program, Search, and more! They also host fantastic events and panels througout the year. 

We are thankful for the leadership of the HMP3 Coordinator, Adele Savage, and are thrilled about our collaboration!

Advisory Committee

This committee helps increase awareness of our advising, resources, and services as well as helps keep us apprised of any curriculum, departmental, or policy changes that may impact the pre-health community.

Department Committee Member
Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP) Adele Savage, HMP3 & Health Beat Advisor

Julie Vitale, Manager of Undergraduate Advising
Hermila Torres, Manager of Do Bio Center

Career Center Analia Mendez, Interim Senior Director
Jessica Kongthong, Health Beat Advisor
Chemistry Ethel Lu, Advisor
Oura Neak, Advisor
Global Health Brittany Wright, Advisor
Human Development Alia Partida, Advisor
Psychology Elisa Suter, Advisor
Public Health Dina Rodgers, Advisor
School of Medicine David Sanchez, Admissions' Coordinator
Skaggs School of Pharmacy Kim Ciero, Director of Admissions & Student Affairs

Student Council

student council

This council is comprised of many of the pre-health student organizations on our campus. They inform our decisions on advising, events, programming, resources, and more! Because of their input, we've developed various ways to meet the needs of our students.

Meet our Student Council (in alphabetical order by student org):

Student Organization Council Member
American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Alicia Lunardhi, President
Maritza Martinez, Community Advisor
Career Peer Educators (CPEP) TBD
Pre-Dental Society (PDS) TBD
HMP3 (Health & Medical Professions Programs)

Anvesh Macherla, President
Sruti Malay, Co-President

Insight Optometry Club Remi Ha, Board Member
MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students) TBD
Nursing Hearts Miranda Sanchez & Carli Underhill
Pre-PA Student Org TBD
Pre-Pharmacy Society (PPS) Nguyen Vo, Co-President
Sara Pham, Co-Vice President
Public Health Club TBD
Pre-SOMA (Students of Osteopathic Medicine) TBD
SPOT (Speech, Physical, Occupational Therapy) TBD
Transfer Students for Health (TSH) Annemarie Perez, Board Member
Pre-Vet Student Association TBD