AP Credit

According to the Academic Senate, UC San Diego students cannot duplicate courses for credit. Given this policy, any AP credit you receive for AP calculus, chemistry, biology, or physics means you cannot retake these courses at UC San Diego. Instead, Health Beat recommends:
  1. To only select schools that accept AP credit.  Review this information on the MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements, located on the AAMC website) or on the individual school's website. Here is a list from Duke University on AP Policies
  1. If you are interested in attending schools who do not accept AP credit, re-take the courses you received AP credit for in one of these ways (in descending order of preference):
    • Take upper-division coursework or honors courses at UC San Diego in the subjects you received AP credit for (biology, math, chemistry, physics). Keep in mind, these classes can be much more rigorous and are not prerequisites for medical school. If you feel this could affect your GPA negatively, consider the other options.
    • Take at a 4-year university's extension program (UC San Diego, SDSU, etc.)
    • Take at a community college (check the MSAR as some institutions do not accept credits from community college and many schools may see community college course work as less rigorous than at a 4-year institution). *The only exception is if you transferred from a community college to UC San Diego.