Quarter vs. Semester Units

Most health professional schools will require "one year's worth of a particular subject." For example, one year's worth of Biology at UC San Diego would be equivalent to 3 quarters of Biology at UC San Diego and 2 semesters at another institution.

However, some schools require a certain amount of semester units vs "one year's worth." This requires UC San Diego students to convert quarter units into semester units. Semester units are converted to quarter units by multiplying quarter units by .667. See Conversion Chart.

This means that some courses at UC San Diego will not meet the semester unit requirement. For example, a PA school requires 3 semester units of statistics. Psyc 60 is a 4 unit class that converts to only 2.67. Many health professional schools will accept this, however be aware that some health professional schools such as Physician Assistant school will not. 

In such cases, we recommend:

  • apply to schools that will accept the quarter units
  • take the required pre-requisites at a community college on the semester system
  • take additional coursework at UC San Diego that will be equivalent to 3 semester units (this may require taking two courses to fulfill one requirement).