Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation

Letters of evaluation/recommendation are essential for strengthening your application. You will need between 3-6 letters depending on which health professional school you are applying to. Please check with the respective schools for any particulars they may have with regards to who writes these letters. For example, some schools may want two letters from science professors and one letter from a non-science professor. Other schools will expect letters from your PI if you do research or may want letters from a doctor, PA, nurse, dentist, or from any professional from your area of interest.

Getting STRONG letters of evalution will set your application apart. In orders to get these letters, make sure you give your letter writers something to write about. Take initiative, lead a project, be professional, responsible and reliable. A strong letter will be one that evaluates and assessess you in some way (i.e. this student was in the top 10% of my class, one of the best research assistants I've had in my 30 years of teaching, etc.)

  • Ask in-person after you’ve spent some time with this professor. Bring your resume, transcripts, and personal statement (if written), and ask if they would be willing to write you a strong letter of support
  • Ask them to write you a letter after the class so they remember who you are
  • If they write their letter months or even a year prior to your application, have them submit to www.interfolio.com
  • Collect Letters