Why Health?

Preparing for a health profession involves extensive academic prepartion, training, volunteering, service, leadership, and research. Therefore, it is important to be mindful when choosing to pursue this path. It is a long journey, so before you begin and commit to this path, be sure to use some of the resources below to aid in your pre-health exploration journey.

Is a Health Profession Right for Me? 

How do you know if a health career is right for you? Answer these questions to start exploring if this would be a good fit!

1. Why health?

  • What kind of healthcare do I want to provide?
  • Who do I want to provide this healthcare to?
  • How do I want to provide this healthcare?
  • Where do I want to provide this healthcare?

2. Do I have a strong scientific aptitude?
3. What lifestyle do I envision?
4. How long will it take?
5. Am I competitive enough?
6. Do I need additional training or education prior to applying?
7. Return on investment: Debt accrual vs. salary