Developing Professional Relationships

If you are applying to any health professional schools, you will need 3-6 letters of evaluation/recommendation from professors, PI's, supervisors, etc. Because classes are large at UC San Diego, it can be challenging to get to know your professors. Here are some tips:

  • Start by identifying mentors vs."letter writers." Approach professors with sincerity and curiosity. This will lay the foundation for an authentic professional relationship
  • Try Coffee/Dine with a Prof! Every college gives each student 3 opportunities to invite a professor to coffee and/or a meal each quarter
  • Attend office hours and ask questions
  • Participate in class or ask questions after class
  • Become a Undergraduate Instructional Apprentices (UGIA's) for a course you did well in
  • Take multiple classes from the same professor
  • Take smaller classes (i.e. labs, senior seminars, etc.)

For more tips, check out Getting to Know Your Letter Writers.