Quick Tips on Navigating this Site

Click on Health Professions to go directly to a health profession you are interested in exploring.

On the homepage, you will find three buckets with information that applies to all health professional schools:

eye Explore speech Prepare calendar Apply
  • Traitify 3-minute career assessment based on interests
  • Pre-Health Comparison Matrix
  • Questions to ask yourself prior to pursing a health profession
  • Academic pre-reqs for all health professions
  • Experience (Healthcare/Clinical, Volunteer/Service, Leadership
  • Research
  • Building professional relationships
  • Standardized Test
  • Primary application & Secondaries
  • Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation
  • Personal Essay
  • Interviews

Top bar of every page, you will find:

  • FAQ about Health Beat (who we are and what we do)
  • Advising information (drop-ins and appointments)
  • Event calendar for all pre-health related events
  • Blog (coming soon!)
  • Resources (pre-health related and other campus support)