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Nurses assist patients with managing and coping with their illness. They are advocates for their patients and educate them on disease prevention and health promotion. While doctors focus on the disease and patients' symptoms, nurses focus on how the disease impacts what a patient can and cannot do for themselves.

There are many pathways to nursing as well as many levels of nursing.

Nursing Fact Sheet

EXPLORE Nursing Careers

Discover whether a nursing career matches your interests, skills and abilities and meets your lifestyle expectations.



PREPARE for Nursing School

Confirm your interest in nursing, prepare academically and develop the necessary skills and experience.

Academic Pre-Requisites

This is a general guideline. Please check individual schools for their specific pre-requisites.

  • Biology + 4 unit lab (BILD 1, 2, 3)
  • General Chemistry+lab (Chem 6ABC, 7L)
  • Organic Chemistry (40ABC) *40AB is a pre-req for Biochem
  • Anatomy + lab (take at Extension or community college)
  • Physiology + lab (BILD 26, BIPN 100, or BIPN 102). *take human physio lab at a community college
  • Microbiology + lab (BIMM 120, BIMM 121 - lab). *BILD 1, BIBC 100  or 102 (Biochemistry)is a pre-req 
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Statistics (Math 11, Psych 60,etc.)


  • Talk To, shadow or volunteer with a nurse. Find nurses through your network of family and friends, Professional Associations.


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APPLY for Nursing School

You apply to nursing school at least six to eight months before you want to start the program. Identify programs that match your skills and interests and complete an application. Some steps take more time to complete than others, so plan ahead! A shortage of nursing faculty has created a bottleneck in admissions at some schools, and many are impacted with long waiting lists, so get started early.

Schools & Programs



Personal Essay

  • Prompts vary from school to school, but generally ask yourself: What experiences have I had that are compelling me to pursue the nursing profession?
  • Provide evidence and examples
  • Character count varies from school to school


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