International Students

It can be challenging for international students to apply to a health professional school in the U.S. According to the AAMC, in 2014, 1,901 students applied to medical school, 409 were accepted, and 300 matriculated. That's around 20%. 

In any given year there are approximately 50,000 applicants a year and ~40% get accepted. This is just for medical school and other health professional schools may have different statistics.

Factors to consider when applying to a health professional school as an international student:

    • Which schools accept international students? And how many do they actually take? Every health profession has an official guide to their respective health professional school. Most professions have online guides, however some still have hard copy guides. 
    • Can I afford going to this health professional school? As an international applicant, many schools will expect to see evidence that you can afford to pay for at least one year's worth of tuition and living expenses. This varies from school to school.
    • Private schools are more likely to accept international applicants although they are typically more expensive

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