As a transfer student, you have to hit the ground running! Here are some recommended steps to help you transition smoothly:

  1. Develop a timeline - this is essential. When you want to start your health professional school determines when you should apply.
  2. Complete the pre-requisites - finish the pre-reqs for your health professional school of choice. This will prepare you for you standardized test requirement.
  3. Prepare, study, and take the required standardized test - select a date to take this test (after you've taken the pre-reqs). Make sure to register early! Decide how you want to study (i.e. self-study, Kaplan/Princetone Review prep, etc.)
  4. Get to know your professors! - you have two years to develop meaningful relationships with your professor. Start early! Check out our suggestions.
  5. Get involved and do something! Healthcare, service, leadership, research, student orgs - take advantage of your summers to accrue hours.
  6. Meet with a Health Beat advisor - visit our drop-in hours or schedule an appointment with an advisor. An advisor can help plan out your timeline and develop a strategic plan to becoming a competitive applicant. 
  7. Join the Transfer Students for Health student organization - learn from your peers who are going through the same experience as you! This will offer a community of support as well as insight on how to best navigate your pre-health journey at UC San Diego.

There is a lot to do once you arrive! The above should help get you started. Make sure to see an advisor during your first quarter. This will be critical to developing a successful timeline.

Check out our Health Beat Events Calendar for all pre-health related events and programming happening around campus.